Case studies

As Marketing Director, I oversaw the first major marketing effort in the United States for ADAM Audio.  I formulated a Social Media marketing plan that utilized filmed user stories from a wide variety of ADAM Audio customers.  Social media post would take place daily with the paid ad user story scheduled for twice a week with a 7-day run time.  These user story ads would acquire views in the tens of thousands with one gaining over 300,000 views in a month.   All ads funneled back to a User Story/Informational website and corresponded with the print and digital media buys that was negotiated with national publications.

During this time, I created an industry specific kiosk system for potential customers to experience ADAM Audio products with resources that closely matched what the customer would hear in a recording session.

These efforts propelled product visibility, corporate growth within the United States, and successful marketing initiatives that stimulated revenue growth and outperform sales objectives by 152%.

I led the development of digital marketing strategy and ensured effective paths of execution. I researched the banks customer behavior and industry trends to inform and optimize programs.  Consulted on technology platforms options that would affect the direction of the institution going forward trying to compete in an industry dominated by FinTech organizations.

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